Making Your Twitter Go Viral

Featured people frown upon the use of services like these, but the bottom line is that the option to buy Twitter followers is very appealing to many people and businesses. One of the hardest parts on any social network is getting noticed in the beginning, because you can post any message you want but without followers then the message will not spread. Furthermore, many features such as suggested people to follow rely upon connections and followers, so an account without many followers will likely never be brought up for new users.

Obviously purchasing followers will not guarantee those accounts will become true fans of the brand that go out and buy products or anything, but they will still serve a purpose. People may think of followers as a way to brag or look cool, but they really just help start the viral spread of an account. Continue reading

Finding a House in Fairfax, Virginia


I am working for a company that is based in the capital, but I do not want to actually live in Washington. Instead, I would prefer to find a house that is located a bit outside of the capital. I have decided on Fairfax VA as the perfect place for me to live, and it makes sense to me, because I am originally from Virginia. I was not born anywhere close to Fairfax, but it is still nice to be able to live in the state where you were born and raised. For a little bit of time, I was considering moving to Maryland, and I had an apartment in Maryland for a brief amount of time.

I think that I would prefer to remain in Virginia, and I am going to try to buy a house in the city pretty soon. I have been looking at a lot of sites that list houses, and I have a couple that I have kept track of. Continue reading

The Same Montgomery Village ADT Company Installed the Alarm at Our Apartment and Our House


When we moved here a few weeks ago the first thing I had done was replacement of all of the locks on the house. This included the padlocks on the outbuildings. We were not going to spend a night in the house without doing that first. The second thing I had done before moving was have the montgomery village adt company that did the alarm at our apartment come out and install a system at our new house.

It is just smart to replace the locks when you move into a new place. Even if you completely trust the seller, do you know how many keys they have handed out over the years? Do they still have the same locks as the people who lived there before them? Since it is a variable that is not entirely knowable, the best course of action is to replace all the locks. I used a licensed and bonded locksmith company that has been in business for generations. I also called the company who put in our alarm system at our apartment to come out and put one in our new house. We did all this before spending the first night in our new home.

Why? Because it is just the smart thing to do. Continue reading